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 An unusual job is a crime novel. It isn't science fiction, but about science in fiction. The main charachter is Sue Swansen, an English scientist living in Germany with her family. The story begins in a pharmaceutical company in Germany, where Sue starts to work under false pretentions. When she discovers that some of the medicines produced appear to be faulty, she loses her job, but the director demands her services back in an unusual manner. Not knowing whether she can trust him, she decides to accept his request to investigate under cover.
Soon, more irregularities become apparent, and when the first victim presents itself, Sue is determined to identify the culprits.


ISBN: 978-1497337008
Paperback, 184 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
First published: 15 May 2014

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"This book is a great read for everyone who ever imagined how to solve a crime when you're not a detective or police officer. Logical analysis, intelligence an dimprovision is all that is needed"


A peek inside the book:
    That afternoon I had a long and honest discussion with Herr Hellendorf, which started with his request to call him Klaus. We dropped the ‘Sie’ and addressed each other as ‘du’ now. He had sent the pills that he had been so keen to lay his hands on to an external laboratory for analysis, and expected the result within a few days. My help with providing him a sample of the corrupt pills had removed his reservations towards me.

    He admitted openly that he hadn’t sent the pills to his own Quality Control Department, which would have produced faster results, because he couldn’t be sure their result would be ‘accurate’. That’s how he put it. So now he was suspicious of his own people, and he didn't hesitate on sharing that suspicion with me. Not only that, he risked his reputation by sending the medicines to an external laboratory. I interpreted this to mean that he wanted to get to the bottom of this, and I had decided to trust him as well, for the moment at least. Now we were discussing what to do next.



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