The value of sleep

It finally becomes established that sleep is even more important for health and happiness than once believed. Here are some facts:

  • The average number of hours of sleep that a person needs at night is in part regulated by their genes.
  • When school starts an hour later in the morning, grades of the pupils go up. An exam taken at 11 AM will give better results than at 8 AM. people aged over 65 are generally less tired than people aged between 15 and 24.
  • Depression more often results from chronic lack of sleep, than the other way round. Treatment of sleep disorders can both avoid and treat depression conditions.

And yet...

  • A late riser is often considered 'lazy', but that is never said of someone going to bed early.
  • Early office and school hours are often seen as a sign of dilligence: children must 'learn' to start early.
  • School exams are frequently scheduled early morning, as pupils are considered 'fresh' (the opposite is most often the case).
  • Napoleon, Michelangelo, Churchill, and Julius Ceasar all needed a few hrs of sleep only, which was considered a sign of their strength and superiority.

Where does that leaves me? When I admit that I need at least 9 hrs of sleep a night, it may be frowned upon as a 'weakness'. Why is this? Every person has a personal sleep pattern. When I am awake, I am an active person, with an output higher than average. So it is no wonder I need my hours of sleep. That is not a sign of weakness. It is an essential part of my health.

Sleep well tonight!  

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