I decide whether I have free will!

The debate whether we have a free will is an old one.
Classical experiments produced serious doubt about this, although our minds tell us differently. Take the desire to move a finger to scratch at an itch. Before we actually do so, the brain has already sent signals to set this finger in motion. Those signals are even detectable before the person is aware of the desire to move that finger. The conclusion could be, that the finger was not moved at free will, rather, the brain took that decision independently. Moving a finger to start a scratch is not a big deal, but life-saving (or life-ending) decisions are. And even for these, brain signals precede the actual and conscious thought.
So do we have free will or not?

Let me say this.

Even if my brain takes action before I am even aware that I want to start scratching myself, who took the decision to start those actions in the first place? I believe the experiments show how complex the brain is. Not all steps involved in a thing as simple as moving a finger can be done at once. So there is a succession of events, that eventually leads to the action. One of those events is our brain becoming concious about it, which may not be the first step. That doesn't mean it wasn't me who moved that finger.
I decide, by free will, that I have free will after all.

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